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Any business venture must be properly structured in order to provide the protection from liability that the client seeks. Once formed, businesses must be advised of their rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities on an ongoing basis in order to grow and succeed.   We work closely with entrepreneurs to form their business entities, from the initial drafting/review of a business plan, to filing proper documentation to create corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.  Then, we draft an appropriate shareholder, operating or partnership agreement, and, if necessary, employment, nondisclosure (confidentiality) and noncompete agreements.  Once the business is established, we act as general counsel with respect to day-to-day transactions for our clients in various industries, co-op and condominium boards, brokers and property managers.  In addition to our work with first-time business owners, we also represent clients in mergers, acquisitions and sales, in whole or in part, of ownership interests in closely-held corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.